Thursday, August 31, 2017

Time to Pause: Need to Focus on More Important Things

For the past 3 months, my wife and I have been busy with our mini-project, Play and Learn Manila. It's also the reason why the time I spend on blogging has greatly diminished. This month, Play and Learn Manila went full blast; the once laid-back mini-project has turned to a serious micro-business. With it, our leisure and sleep times had diminished too; it's something we had to sacrifice in order to keep up with the orders (since I have a day job and my wife needs to take care of our son during the day, we can only work on the orders after our son sleeps in the evening).

Because of this, unless we finally improve our process, I need to put on hold my blogging. I'd rather do this than post crappy entries. Until then, I'll just monitor my blog stats to see if my posts are still relevant.

My Top 5 "Most Searched" Posts Based on Google Analytics

1. Easy as 1-2-3: LTO Car Registration Renewal
2. My Shipping Cart Experience: Macbook Pro from US to the Philippines
3. The Switch to Inverter Air Conditioner
4. Book Review: 7 Reasons Why Filipinos Will Change The World by Mike Grogan
5. Shop from Amazon, Ship to the Philippines, Get Tax Refund

I'm still hoping that I can return to blogging soon. I have to, otherwise, I might lose the drive to write again, similar to what happened to my previous blog.

To my readers, thank you for checking out The Curious Daddy. To the brands I've worked with, thank you for the trust. The Curious Daddy will be back!

Friday, July 28, 2017

Our Search for the Perfect "Budget" Ukulele

I don't know when my 2-year old son, Gavin, started his interest in guitars; everytime we're in the mall and pass by a music store, he would like to stop and check out the different guitars on display. As much as I don't want to show him my guitar at home (my wife was afraid that he'll always bug her to get it), it came to a point that I had to. :P I allowed him to hold it and strum the strings just to satisfy his curiosity. But because my classic guitar is still too big for him, I just told him that I'll buy him a smaller one next time. Since a ukulele seems to be the perfect size for him and I also want to learn how to play it, I told him that I'll just buy a ukulele. :P

Premiere Ukulele for Kids

Just like what I mentioned in a previous post, whenever I buy a musical instrument for my son, as much as possible, I want it to be the real instrument instead of a toy equivalent. And so for this ukulele, the challenge was to find a decent unit at an affordable price.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Service Review: Shipping Cart's Improved Air Shipping Service

I haven't used the Shipping Cart service since March 2017 primarily due to their increased shipping rates, which took effect last March 1, 2017. But to be fair to them, I haven't used other freight forwarding services either. Interestingly, the $1.00 and $1.87 per pound increase in air and sea shipping fee, respectively, was enough to keep me out of Amazon for the next few months. :P

Amazon Prime Day was enough reason, though, to order from Amazon US again and try Shipping Cart's advertised improved service. Just in case you're not aware, Shipping Cart's air shipping service is now sending parcels from the US daily. This means you can now receive your parcel faster, in 5-10 days after shipping it out instead of the previous 10-15 days waiting period.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

2017 Mid-Year Review: Goals, Achievements and Pending Plans

The first half of 2017 is already in the history books and it's a good time to review the goals and targets that I listed for this year. It's been a good year so far; I may have been busier and had lesser sleep, but it's ok since most of the plans are progressing well.

Without further ado, I would like to share my goals and targets for the year 2017.

1. Launch Play and Learn Manila

We initially conceptualized Play and Learn Manila in the last quarter of 2016 as an online store selling educational toys and brand new children's books, but it's only on January 9, 2017 that we finally launched it on Facebook and Instagram as an online bookstore carrying brand new and preloved children's books.

While the store was able to sell a couple of books every month, we honestly felt that it's not enough for the effort that we're putting into it. We tried to improve the way we sell books but it hardly mattered. Around May, my wife already asked me if we will still pursue this project since it seems to be going nowhere, but I said let's give it a month or two before we re-assess again. Good thing that in June, after doing a couple more tweaks, sales started to pick-up (which even exceeded our expectations), and we're now more motivated than ever to continue the project.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Book Review: My Key Takeaway from Money Grows on Trees

It's amazing how a simple book can have a big impact, how a change in mindset can bring tremendous results. Thanks to Clarissa Seriña-de la Paz and Sharon Que's latest book Money Grows on Trees, I finally realized what can be improved in my investment and business strategies — my money mindset.

Money Grows on Trees by Clarissa Seriña-de la Paz and Sharon Que

Honestly, when I attended the book launch of Money Grows on Trees (special thanks to Ms. Ace Gapuz and Ms. Maddie Cruz of Blogapalooza for the invite), my only intention was to experience attending one and have something to post on my blog. In fact, I thought that being inspired by the experiences of the authors (plus the opportunity to meet Ms. Alice Dixson in person) was already a bonus. :P Little did I know that the book will change how I condition my mind to have an abundant mindset, something I never really paid attention to in the past 11 years, to achieve my current goals and set more grandiose ones. (I started my journey to financial freedom in 2006, and since then, I've read a lot of finance books, got into mutual funds, UITFs, stocks, bonds, and other investments. I've become a financial literacy advocate, and in 2015, I started a finance blog called Make Your Peso Grow.)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Product Review: ZappLight - LED Light and Bug Zapper in One

Last month, I received an interesting device from Clean Concept LLC, an LED light bulb combined with bug zapper, which they aptly called ZappLight. It's an easy to install, easy to operate device; ZappLight fits perfectly on existing light bulb sockets and utilizes the same switch to go through its 2 modes of operation (light + zapper, zapper only mode).

ZappLight - LED Light and Bug Zapper in One

Thursday, June 8, 2017

JS Puzzles: Play Jigsaw Puzzles Online

Do you love jigsaw puzzles? Do you know that you can play jigsaw puzzles online? A couple of nights ago, I discovered a website called, an online jigsaw puzzle service that allows visitors to play for free.

JS Puzzles has a featured puzzle of the day, for your daily fix of jigsaw puzzle fun. You can also choose other puzzles from its wide gallery, with themes such as scenery, animals, places, buildings, nature, art, and transportation.