Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Year, New Blog

My name is Glenn, a systems analyst, investor, photographer, and a dad, and this is my second attempt to serious blogging. My first blog is a finance-related one, thus, limiting me to writing investment-related topics only. As much as I wanted to write about other interesting stuff, I just can't, because I wanted to stick to the blog's theme.

And so this 2017, I'll be starting a new blog and call it "The Curious Daddy - Journal of a Curious Filipino Dad". In this blog, I'll talk about interesting life experiences, parenthood stuff, and product/service reviews. It is also my intention to document these information for future reference since I often forget details easily. :P I'm hoping that this can also be of help to you in one way or another. :)

In case you're reading this, thanks for visiting my blog and I wish you a blessed and prosperous 2017.

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