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My Shipping Cart Experience: Macbook Pro from US to the Philippines

This is the second part of my experience in buying a Macbook Pro from the US via B&H Photo and shipping it to the Philippines via Shipping Cart. The post provides a review of the Shipping Cart service, and describes the steps one will go through when Shipping Cart is used.

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After B&H Photo has successfully shipped my 2016 Macbook Pro order, the waiting game for its arrival in Shipping Cart's office began. Aside from the thought of not being able to receive it before Christmas due to the delay in order verification, I was also concerned on the dimensions of the box used by B&H Photo because it will determine my item's shipping cost to the Philippines.

Finally, on December 7, 2016, I received a notification saying that Shipping Cart US Warehouse has accepted my item (received December 6). From my previous experience using Shipping Cart, I can expect the item to show up in my account in 2 to 5 days (it can really take several days for them to update your cart when the volume of orders they receive is high, just like during Black Friday and Christmas season).

On December 10, 2016, 4 days after my item has been received in the Shipping Cart US Warehouse, I received another notification saying that my item can now be viewed in my cart. This means that they have already checked, measured and weighed my item. Finally, I can know the chargeable weight of my Macbook Pro and see whether the risk of buying it from the US was worth it.

After logging in to my Shipping Cart account (via, my order from B&H Photo was now listed with a "Laptop" description. I felt ecstatic and relieved when I saw the chargeable weight (4.74 lbs) since I was expecting at least 7 lbs, based on the weight information from the UPS shipment tracker (B&H used UPS to deliver my item to the Shipping Cart office).

To verify that the item delivered to Shipping Cart was correct, I clicked the item hyperlink (i.e., "Laptop" in blue text). A photo of a sealed Macbook Pro was provided, together with the date it was added to my cart, the tracking number from the online store, dimensions of the box, actual weight of the item, and chargeable weight.

The chargeable weight is based on the volumetric weight (calculated using the dimensions of the box) or actual weight of the item, whichever is higher. To get a shipping estimate, you may go to this page. Shipping costs can really blow up if the box used by the online store to deliver your item is too big. Last year, I experienced being charged twice the actual weight of my item because the box used by FedEx was too big (item weight was only 9 lbs but the volumetric weight of the box was 18 lbs). I asked for consideration through the Shipping Cart helpline to lower the chargeable weight, but was denied. :P Oh well, that's their policy and that's how they do their business so I can't really complain.

After verifying the details of my item, I was ready to ship it to the Philippines. I returned to the Cart (listing screen) and selected the item that I wanted to include in the shipment (i.e., Laptop). I then specified the shipping method (Air Cargo) and insured value of the item ($1,399). The Shipment Cost section will be updated automatically based on the chargeable weight of the selected item, shipment method to be used and insured value of the item.

Air shipping is more expensive than sea shipping, but delivery is faster when air shipping is used (10-15 days vs. 45-60 days). Regarding insurance, there will be no additional insurance charge if the insured value is $500 or less. Anything in excess of $500 will be charged 4%.

The total cost for air shipping and insurance was acceptable, so I decided to proceed with the shipment. After clicking the "Ship it" button, the payment screen was displayed, where I specified the payment method (credit card), selected the address where the item will be delivered, and specified promo code (promo code is optional). I used a promo code from BPI to avail 15% discount on the shipping fee (not applicable to insurance). I then clicked the "Pay & Ship" button to proceed with the payment processing.

To check available promos for shipping fee discount, click here.

After payment confirmation, the Shipping Cart screen was reloaded and showed that the Status of my shipment is now "PAID".

To check the status of my shipment, I login to my Shipping Cart account and go to the Shipments screen. Alternatively, I can click the "Track Your Package" button at the upper-right corner of the screen. Shipping Cart provides a "Shipment History" that tells my shipment's estimated and actual departure from the US, as well as the estimated and actual arrival in Manila. It also updates me when the package has been forwarded to the appropriate delivery hub, and when the package is out for delivery. 

On December 23, 2016, 13 days after I paid the shipment, my Macbook Pro finally arrived. Just in time for Christmas! I was satisfied with the service. Despite of the Christmas rush, Shipping Cart kept its promise to deliver the item to me on or before December 25. Actually, it could have been delivered a day earlier, but due to the volume of deliveries that time, the LBC guy didn't arrive. 

If you wish to sign up with Shipping Cart, click here.

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  1. Hi Glenn thanks for sharing your experience with LBC SC..coz I'm planning to get Sony Android TV.. because the model I want it's not available here in Philippines...but I'm thinking how much it cost me because it's to big much do you have any idea?? How much charges it will cost thanks and God bless...

    1. Hi, you can go to this page to get a shipping estimate:

      You should have an idea of the packaging size and actual weight of the item (you can check from Amazon) because the shipping charge will be based on the volumetric weight or actual weight, whichever is higher. The actual value of the item will determine the insurance fee.

      Please note the following from the Shipping Cart FAQ page:
      Shipping Cart does not ship any item that meets the following conditions under any circumstances:
      - Any side exceeds 38 inches
      - Weight exceeds 75 pounds
      - Any side exceeds 38 inches and weight exceeds 75 pounds

      Hope this helps you. :)

  2. I've been looking at various gaming laptops from the US but damn.. it must cost a fortune to ship them here since compared to a Macbook Pro, almost all gaming laptops weigh like a pile of bricks. :D

    1. Any idea how heavy it is? Might still end up way cheaper if you get it from the US. :)

  3. If i buy an album/CD from amazon, will they ship it?

    1. Album/cd should be ok as long as it's not pirated. :)

  4. What will i do if the item i received is damaged?

    1. Hello. You may email your concern to If you declared the cost of your item correctly, your package should have been insured up to $500, and more if you added extra insurance during checkout. I hope your issue gets resolved soon.

  5. Wow. That's amazing. I've been thinking on purchasing a laptop/smartphone from US using SC but a bit scared especially if it arrived damaged/defective. I already used SC but haven't tried shipping electronics.

  6. Is it safer to ship on air that sea cargo? Or is it the same? I'm planning to ship a laptop aslo. Thank you.

    1. It's the same, just don't forget to insure your item to be safe. It boils down to how fast you want your item to arrive. My latest shipment via air was delivered in 5 days. :)

    2. Do you have any idea what is the convertion of price (dollars to peso) while buying online?

    3. Foreign exchange conversion changes daily. If you're shopping from Amazon, upon checkout, you'll be able to see the Peso equivalent of your order in case you want your credit card to be charged in Philippine Peso (but oftentimes, you'll save a couple of bucks if you opt to be charged in USD then let your PH credit card handle the foreign exchange conversion).

  7. hi , did the macbook got taxed by amazon because you were shipping to California ? .. ShippingCart's address is in California right ?


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