Monday, February 20, 2017

Easy as 1-2-3: LTO Car Registration Renewal

It's February again, time to renew my car's LTO registration. Except for the last digit of the car plate that tells me the month when I should renew the LTO registration of my car, I always forget the week when I'm expected to renew it, so I did a quick check on the LTO website.

For quick reference, I lifted below guidelines from the LTO website (updated as of February 2, 2017).

2017 Car Registration Renewal Experience

Last February 8, I renewed my car registration in LTO Pasig, near Estancia / Capitol Commons. I arrived around 2:40 PM and finished the whole process in 2 hours. I can say that the car registration renewal was fairly easy, one can do it even without a fixer.
Note: I know that fixers are prohibited from government offices, so I wonder why there were still some guys outside the compound asking me if I'll be renewing my car registration. Since I know that I can do it by myself, I didn't bother talking to them.

Unlike in LTO Malate where my car was previously registered, this LTO branch has a 30 Peso parking fee.

After I parked my car, I immediately proceeded to the helpdesk for MV registration. A guy named Rodel assisted me in getting a stencil of my engine number and chassis number. It was done in less than a minute. He then asked for a photocopy of my car's OR and CR, which I prepared before going to LTO, and began filling up other information in the renewal form. After this, he told me to get TPL insurance and take the emission test.

It was easy securing a TPL insurance for my car. For convenience, there's a dedicated room for that, which can easily be found. After paying 980 Pesos for the TPL Insurance, I got the policy and receipt in less than 10 minutes. The receipt was later on attached to the registration renewal form.

After getting TPL insurance, I headed to the emission test cashier window and paid 450 Pesos.

Since several vehicles were on queue, I had to wait for my turn. After the test has been conducted, I waited another 10 minutes for the results to be provided. All in all, I spent 50 minutes for the emission test step.
Note: Due to boredom, I had a quick chat with the guy handling the test. Since I noticed that some vehicles were being stenciled while having the emission test, I asked him the proper order of steps (if ever there's one). He said that emission test should actually be the first step, followed by the TPL insurance, before heading to the MV registration helpdesk. But it's fine to mix up the order, what's important is you'll have all the requirements eventually (i.e., MV renewal form, emission test result, TPL insurance). Based on my observation, since you can do the first and third steps in parallel, time spent can be reduced. So next year, I'll follow the order he suggested when renewing my car registration.

I returned to Rodel together with the registration renewal form, insurance receipt and emission test results. He told me he'll forward my documents to the MV inspector and just wait for my name to be called.

I waited close to 1 hour for my name to be called. After paying the fees, I proceeded to the releasing area for the car sticker. I was surprised that the car sticker was already available.
Note: I didn't bother returning to LTO Malate for my 2016 car registration sticker because after waiting for several months, I got tired following up with them if my sticker was already available. 

My latest sticker is different compared to my previous one (for the 3-year registration). It's probably the new design that came with the revised car plate. I never got the chance to change my car plate to the new design (i.e., white version), so it's my first time to get this sticker design.

I hope this post will be helpful to those planning to renew their car registration soon. For more information, don't hesitate to visit the LTO website.


  1. This article on renewing car registration is very informative. I planned on buying a used car but is a bit hesitant due to horrific stories about delays in receiving stickers, license plates, etc. Your article on your car registration renewal experience including the place where you had it done is very enlightening. It gives me an idea on what to expect during the renewal process. I am an expat and I am more convinced now to buy a used car instead of renting next time go back to the Phil for an extended vacation. Thank you very much.

    1. You're welcome! Thanks too for visiting my blog. :)

  2. Thank you po sa post nyo... laking bagay po nito para sa mga tulad naming walang alam sa pag renew ng rehistro


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