Wednesday, March 8, 2017

5 Reasons Why I Prefer Grab Over Uber

Since 2014, whenever it's the color coding schedule of my car, I use app-based transport service such as Grab and Uber to take me from my home in Mandaluyong to my office in Pasig, and vice versa. Although they can be more expensive compared to traditional taxicabs and other mass transport options, the convenience it brings plus peace of mind when it comes to passenger safety are enough reasons to reconsider the additional cost.

Lately, I find myself using Grab (GrabCar) more often compared to Uber (UberX). Here are the five reasons why I prefer Grab over Uber:

1. Grab arrives faster than Uber

Whenever I book a GrabCar, the unit usually arrives within five minutes. There were even times the unit arrived within a minute after booking! From my experience with Uber, the unit usually takes around 10 minutes to arrive. There was a time when I was asked to wait for at least 15 minutes because the driver was still in BGC while I'm in Pioneer, Mandaluyong! You know how bad the traffic in EDSA could be on a Monday morning so 15 minutes might not be enough

This could either mean there are more Grab units available compared to Uber or more people in my area use Grab instead of Uber.

2. Grab's computed fare is cheaper than Uber

Even without checking the booking history, I know that I used Uber more often than Grab in the past because Uber provided cheaper fare (assuming no surge) plus I loved the convenience of being able to use my credit card to pay for my cab fare.
Note: Grab only started accepting credit card payment, known as GrabPay, in March 2016.

For some reason, lately, Grab's computed fare is now cheaper compared to that of Uber. Thanks to the implemented "fixed" upfront fare, it's now easier to do fare comparison. Since the car models used in GrabCar and UberX are pretty much the same and Grab now accepts credit card payment, the decision on which service to use heavily relies on the computed fare.

3. Grab's computed fare is reliable -- flat rate remains fixed regardless of traffic situation

With GrabCar, I never experienced paying more than the fare displayed on the app. The fare remains fixed eventhough traffic is really bad (journey time is longer than expected) or the driver has to take alternative route to my destination (journey distance is farther than expected).

Unfortunately, this is not the case with Uber. It has happened twice to me already that I paid more than the upfront fare displayed on the app when the booking was confirmed. The first time it happened (when traffic was really bad that the driver and I decided to take an alternative route), I tried to file a complaint to Uber but their app just lead me to their FAQ, which said that my fare was based on time and distance rates (instead of the upfront fare) to be fair to my driver. The second time it happened, I just accepted it and started using GrabCar instead.

4. Grab offers better promos than Uber

Since October 2016, I have availed at least one of the following Grab promotions every month:
Note: Each promo code has a validity period, so the Grab promo codes below may no longer work by the time you see this post.
"Get ₱200 off on 2 GrabCar rides with exclusive promo code GC200M"
"Enjoy 12 days of promos with Grab! Use promo code GRABPASKO (₱50 off x 12 GrabCar rides)"
"Enjoy ₱100 off your next 2 GrabCar rides with the promo code GRABPAY"
"Enjoy ₱50 off your next 3 GrabCar rides with promo code GRABPAY50"
"Get 50% off on 4 GrabCar rides! Use promo code GRABVISA when you book with your BDO Visa Card"
"Enjoy ₱100 off your next 2 GrabCar rides with the promo code GRABPAYDAY"
"Enjoy 100% discount (up to ₱200) on 3 GrabCar rides with promo code GRABPAY"

Uber also has promotions from time to time, but not as frequent and as generous as Grab.

Don't miss out Grab's amazing promos. Download the Grab app and check the Notifications page to find out if there's a valid coupon code that you can use to avail discounted fare.

5. Grab has a Rewards Program that lets users earn points whenever GrabCar or GrabTaxi is used

Another reason to love Grab is their recently launched GrabRewards, a rewards program that lets users earn points whenever GrabCar or GrabTaxi is used.

The points can be used to avail free rides or fare discounts from Grab.

GrabRewards can also be used in Grab's partner merchants to avail freebies and discounts.

The post above is based on my actual experience with Grab and Uber. Experience may vary from user to user. I am not connected in any way to Grab and this is not a Grab-sponsored post.

Which do you prefer, Grab or Uber? I'd love to hear your thoughts. Share your experience in the Comments section below. :)


  1. this is not the case anymore, prices for uber then were metered but now fixed price, also surge has been curtailed for uber, I have been or have driven an uber for more than a year when I lost my job. currently, uber is a lot cheaper, just this morning from my place in pasig to makati it was 440 for uberx and 620 for grabcar...this was at 630am....but it depends really on the time of day and the day itself.....appreciate your blog, very helpful...God bless you always.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I think, it really depends on the location, demand and availability of units. I booked a ride from Pioneer, Mandaluyong to Ortigas (morning) and vice versa (evening) yesterday and Grab was still slightly cheaper than Uber. I also need to wait longer for the Uber unit to arrive.

      It's case to case basis. Best thing to do is to have both apps on your phone so you can compare and book wisely. :)


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