Thursday, March 16, 2017

Inverter Innovation: Clean the air while cooling it with the new Sharp J-Tech Inverter Premium Split-Type Air Conditioner

Energy savings is one of the reasons why more and more people are switching to inverter air conditioners. But do you know that aside from cooling the room, some inverter air conditioners also clean the air in the room by releasing ions that kill viruses, bacteria, and bad odors? It's something worth considering, especially if you have a baby or kids at home.

And that's what the new Sharp J-Tech Inverter Premium Split-Type Air Conditioner offers, plus more.

Sharp J-Tech Inverter Premium Split-Type Air Conditioner

The air conditioner, already a fixture in the Filipino household, offers a variety of models, units, and features. While most aircons come in with the basics like timer, a temperature control system, and several modes to fit different cooling preferences, a truly great air conditioner must always give something more than the usual—and the new Sharp J-Tech Inverter Premium Split-Type Air Conditioner will give you just that. 

Built with the J-Tech Inverter design system, it not only gives you the optimum cooling performance but it also allows you to save up to 65% on energy. This air conditioner is also ready to perform a variety of cooling modes such as the Super Jet Mode that reduces 5 oC in the temperature in only 5 minutes—making it 40% faster than the normal mode; the Breeze Mode that produces ideal rhythmic wind fluctuations that make the blast of cool air bearable, the Quiet Operation mode that allows you to enjoy the cooling comforts without any equipment or motor noise, and the 14 oC Temperature Setting that enables you to experience the lowest possible temperature even during the warmest summer’s day. Each of these modes are also LED illuminated, color-coded to signify which feature or mode is currently in use and allowing you to easily recognize and change aircon status when desired.

Sharp J-Tech Inverter Premium Split-Type Air Conditioner Features

Aside from giving cooling comforts, the new Sharp J-Tech Inverter Premium Split-Type Air Conditioner is also equipped with the power of the Plasmacluster Ion Technology (PCI). This technology deactivates airborne threats by releasing positive and negative ions in the air. And with the new Plasmacluster Shower design, the PCI technology will continue to release these ions even if the air con unit is not in a cooling mode. This ensures that your home is safe from the dangers of viruses and bacteria anytime.

Choose the air conditioner that not only gives you the cooling comfort but also offers some other valuable perks too. This summer, keep cool and stay cool for long periods of time without worrying about the expensive cost and unhealthy air.

The new Sharp J-Tech Inverter Premium Split-Type Air Conditioner—superb cooling performance for maximum comfort and savings.

To know more about the new Sharp J-Tech Inverter Split-Type Air Conditioner line-up, just visit the nearest authorized Sharp dealer. You can also visit Sharp’s official website at or check out Sharp Philippines on Facebook and on Instagram.


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