Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Cheesy Post: Cheese Overload Guaranteed

One of the interesting things I discovered during my 2015 UK trip is the variety of cheeses on sale in Borough Market, London's oldest food market (dating back to the 13th Century) located near the London Bridge. Think of Borough Market as a bigger and more diverse version of Manila's Banchetto or Mercato Centrale.

Not only do they offer cheese slices, they have them in big chunks, or make that, BIG WHEELS! Yes, I really have to make it all-caps for emphasis. For an ordinary Filipino like The Curious Daddy who's used to boxed cheeses (Magnolia, Kraft, Ques-O, etc.), "big" is an understatement.

London Borough Market Cheese Wheels

Curious on how cheese wheels are opened? Check this Youtube video from fromagerie le birous.

There were several stalls that sell different kinds of cheese. But since I'm not familiar with them, plus the fact that they're expensive, I chose not to buy any. :P

London Borough Market Cheese Stall
Cheese prices (as of 2015): Gouda (£27.50 or ₱1,750 per kg), Tome (£22 or ₱1,400 per kg), 13 Month Comte (£27.50 or ₱1,750 per kg)

London Borough Market Cheese Stall
Cheese prices (as of 2015): Persille De Beaujolais (£23.30 or ₱1,480 per kg), Beaufort (£34.30 or ₱2,180 per kg), Brie De Meaux (£21.90 or ₱1,400 per kg), Munster (£34.80 or ₱2,200 per kg), Bleu De Termignon (£40.40 or ₱2,500 per kg)

Good thing that lately, imported cheese in vacuum-sealed packs are now available in Manila. No need to spend a lot just to try the different cheese varieties. Actually, if you're lucky, you can get to taste them for free in supermarkets, just go to the Deli section. :) I was able to try some in S&R Shaw and Pioneer Centre, and while there were some varieties that I liked, there were some I won't try again due to their after taste. :P

Are you a cheese lover?

If you're a cheese lover or just curious to try out different cheese varieties, be sure to drop by Eastwood City's Cheese and Deli Fest on April 21-23 in Eastwood Mall Atrium, and on April 28-30 in 2/F Eastwood Mall. I'm not sure if they will have big cheese wheels on display, but looking at the event poster, I'm pretty sure that it's going to be a mouth-watering and tummy-filling event.

Eastwood City Cheese and Deli Fest 2017

To give you an idea of what you can possibly experience, check out this Youtube video from Insider.

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