Thursday, May 18, 2017

Smart Traders Mentorship Program: Options Trading Workshop with Mirriam MacWilliams

Mr. Aaron Sim, the man behind Wealth Mentors, is bringing to Manila the Smart Traders Mentorship Program, a 3-day workshop on Options Trading to be held on May 19-21, 2017 at the Marco Polo Hotel, Ortigas. The workshop will be conducted by Mirriam MacWilliams, America’s top stock market expert and chief trainer of Wealth Mentors.


Mirriam MacWilliams is a self-made millionaire, and in 2 years, has turned $10,000 to $2,000,000 through the stock market. She has been awarded by the prestigious Brand Laureate as the “World’s Leading Trading Coach & Trainer”. A corporate high-flyer at the peak of her career, Mirriam gave up a jet-setting job as the former Vice President of Investor Relations of a large bottling company outside of the US and a six-figure annual salary, for a little known and predominantly male-dominated area of options trading. Today, Mirriam has taught over 8,000 people in Asia (including the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia) and in the US, on how to trade profitably in options, regardless of the market conditions.

During the 3-day workshop, Mirriam will share her 3 Steps to Trading Success:

1. Knowledge

- How to profit whether the market is up or down
- Portfolio management (not putting all eggs in one basket, not investing more than half of your capital in the market at any one time)

2. Leverage

- How to make money in stocks at a fraction of the money needed through options trading

With options, instead of paying $50 per stock, you can get to participate in that stock for $3 to $4.
With options, the amount of capital you invest is the smallest amount possible (1 option contract controls 100 shares, 10 option contract controls 1000 shares).
Even with small price movement, the option increases very much because of leverage.
Why options? Because buying an option is safer than buying a stock!

The workshop will also teach the 3 styles of trading (in terms of trade duration):
1. direction for a few days
2. direction for a few weeks
3. direction for a few months

3. Knowing when to avoid being in a trade

In addition to understanding how the stock market works, learning the different styles of trading, and money management techniques, the workshop will also cover when you should avoid being in a trade.

An example given is the earnings report announcement. It was mentioned that you should not hold trades (either call or put) through a stock’s earnings report announcement.

If you want to level up your stock trading game or learn another way to make your money work through options trading, check out the Smart Traders Mentorship Program.

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