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Book Review: My Key Takeaway from Money Grows on Trees

It's amazing how a simple book can have a big impact, how a change in mindset can bring tremendous results. Thanks to Clarissa Seriña-de la Paz and Sharon Que's latest book Money Grows on Trees, I finally realized what can be improved in my investment and business strategies — my money mindset.

Money Grows on Trees by Clarissa Seriña-de la Paz and Sharon Que

Honestly, when I attended the book launch of Money Grows on Trees (special thanks to Ms. Ace Gapuz and Ms. Maddie Cruz of Blogapalooza for the invite), my only intention was to experience attending one and have something to post on my blog. In fact, I thought that being inspired by the experiences of the authors (plus the opportunity to meet Ms. Alice Dixson in person) was already a bonus. :P Little did I know that the book will change how I condition my mind to have an abundant mindset, something I never really paid attention to in the past 11 years, to achieve my current goals and set more grandiose ones. (I started my journey to financial freedom in 2006, and since then, I've read a lot of finance books, got into mutual funds, UITFs, stocks, bonds, and other investments. I've become a financial literacy advocate, and in 2015, I started a finance blog called Make Your Peso Grow.)

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I would like to share some of the ideas and concepts I subscribed to after reading Money Grows on Trees.

1. Condition your mind that you deserve your goal so you can achieve it.

Your goals are limited to the limit you set on yourself.

2. No target is big enough, as long as you plan how you will achieve it.

It really helps to have a defined target so you can plan out the steps that you need to do in order to achieve it. I applied this to our business, Play and Learn Manila, an online children's bookstore, and immediately saw the results. What my wife wished to achieve in a month, we were able to achieve in just a week!

3. It's a good best practice to set goals and visualize it.

I've decided to start preparing my vision board / book this July. I have to admit that I've already heard of this concept before, but didn't do anything. Reading the experiences of the authors really inspired me to come up with one. I'm now excited to achieve these goals one by one.

4. To realize a goal, you must be ready mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.

I suddenly had the realization on why sometimes, I prefer not to buy an expensive thing (such as an SUV) even though I can afford it. I'm not yet ready for it because I know that there are other more important things / investments that are worthy of my money. I know that in time, I can have my hand on these things without hesitation.

5. Strive to have more passive income, e.g., rental properties or condominium units.

I said to myself that I wanted to have additional sources of passive income, particularly, apartment or condominium units for rent. Truly, when you set grander goals and do things to attract it, opportunities will come knocking. Last week, a contact from Robinsons Land Corporation messaged me, extending to me their 30% discount on selected RLC condominium units. Just a coincidence? Maybe. But it's worth noting that I only talk to this person once a year, during the renewal of my parking slot lease every February.

With these, I highly recommend Money Grows on Trees to people who are just starting their financial freedom journey, to those like me who are on their way to financial freedom but still feel there's something lacking, as well as to those who are still struggling financially. You'll never know how a change in mindset can drastically change your life.

Because of what I learned from this book, I'm looking forward to reading Clarissa Seriña-de la Paz and Sharon Que's first book I Wish They Taught Money in School. I'll also post a review once done. :)

About the Authors

Clarissa S. de la Paz and Sharon W. Que started out as mentor and mentee, and progressed to being board game buddies that revealed their shared passion for spreading financial literacy and proper money management. They both believe that becoming a millionaire is not and should not be regarded as plain, wishful thinking but as something achievable — it can be done whether you are an employee or an entrepreneur.

Clarissa Seriña-de la Paz

Clarissa may not have a rags-to-riches story to tell, but she learned the value of money at a young age. Her parents’ upbringing played an integral role in instilling the proper values throughout her childhood.

She is very fortunate to learn all of these from her parents unlike other children during her age.  She was already budgeting and saving up as early as grade school.  When she turned 12, the world of the stock market had been introduced to her.

Normally, after graduation employment is the next step and Clarissa also chose to have a regular paycheck.  This is a normal practice like to many other Filipinos; but unlike others, she knew that monthly wages alone did not equate to financial stability.

Clarissa’s interests in investment strengthened her financial literacy.  She may not have the formal training but her passion to investment drove her to learn more in a cellular level.  She believes that "If you work for money 8 hours a day, your money should work for you 24 hours a day."

Sharon W. Que

Sharon grew up in an environment where business was a way of life. She fondly recalls that she learned to write her name in the same area where her mom entertained business clients and guests.

She was bitten by the business bug at the age of 10, when she was asked to help with the accounting of her family’s business. Her fascination for money management began when she held bank checks for the first time, and it thrilled her.

For Sharon, she knew that being the COO (Child of Owner) was not her ultimate end.  Ultimately, she wanted to independently earn her million by daring into her own business ventures.

Sharon has established a number of successful businesses, from realty to lifestyle projects.  She acknowledges that her victories are products of hard work and a clear vision on goals.

Sharon likes to teach money awareness to those who wants to manage money and who wishes to learn about financial freedom. Sharon believed that going into business can be difficult for first timers, but once the right foundations have been set, anyone can earn money without actively working for it in the long run.

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