Thursday, June 8, 2017

JS Puzzles: Play Jigsaw Puzzles Online

Do you love jigsaw puzzles? Do you know that you can play jigsaw puzzles online? A couple of nights ago, I discovered a website called, an online jigsaw puzzle service that allows visitors to play for free.

JS Puzzles has a featured puzzle of the day, for your daily fix of jigsaw puzzle fun. You can also choose other puzzles from its wide gallery, with themes such as scenery, animals, places, buildings, nature, art, and transportation.

Upon selecting a puzzle image, JS Puzzles will let you define the level of difficulty via the number of pieces (9 pieces, 16 pieces, 25 pieces, etc.), the puzzle tile cut, and the tile size (small pieces, large pieces). If you're the competitive type, you can check out the registered users who completed the puzzle and the time they took to finish it. Once ready, just click the Play This Puzzle button.

Playing with the puzzle involves drag-and-drop action, so you need a mouse or a trackpad. The pieces will snap into place when matched correctly. It is intuitive enough that you'll get to enjoy it immediately and ask for some more.

The level of difficulty could still be improved, though, by displaying the pieces in random orientation so that players still have to rotate them in order to match with the other puzzle pieces.

But overall, JS Puzzles is a nice website that can keep you busy for hours. Try it! :)

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