Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Product Review: ZappLight - LED Light and Bug Zapper in One

Last month, I received an interesting device from Clean Concept LLC, an LED light bulb combined with bug zapper, which they aptly called ZappLight. It's an easy to install, easy to operate device; ZappLight fits perfectly on existing light bulb sockets and utilizes the same switch to go through its 2 modes of operation (light + zapper, zapper only mode).

ZappLight - LED Light and Bug Zapper in One

What's inside the box?

Each box of ZappLight contains a ZappLight bulb, a cleaning brush for removing zapped bugs, and instruction manual.

ZappLight - LED Light and Bug Zapper in One

How to operate?

Using ZappLight is easy as 1-2-3.
  1. Screw the ZappLight bulb into any standard 220V socket.
  2. Click the light switch to turn on both the LED light and bug zapper.
  3. If you only want to use the bug zapper feature, click the light switch on, then off, then on again. The zapper only mode is on when you only see the blue light.

ZappLight - LED Light and Bug Zapper in OneZappLight - LED Light and Bug Zapper in One

ZappLight is compatible with most commonly used bulb connectors, working with the wall switch to shift from lighting mode to insect killing mode. There is no need to change the layout of your power lines.

Technical Specifications

Voltage: 220V
Frequency: 50Hz
Insect killing wavelength: 365NM
Power: 9W
Transmittance: over 92.8%
Luminous angle: 15-120deg
Color Temperature: 3500K (Warm Light)
Protection Scope: 500 sq ft (46.5 sq m)
Lifespan: 40,000 hours
Working Temperature: -40deg~+55degC
Applicable humidity: <=95%
Power factor: 0.85
Rendering index: 75%
Lighting lamp bead: SMD2835
Insect killing lamp beads: SMD2835
Grid voltage: 2000V
Lighting luminous flux: 600LM

Actual Usage

I installed ZappLight in one of the rooms of my condominium unit to try it out. But since there's minimal to no flying insects in our unit (I guess something I should be proud of :P), I'm unable to tell how effective it is.

I then brought it to my parents' house to test it out; I know they're using dedicated electric bug zappers there. After a few days of testing, my father said that it was able to zap a few mosquitoes. However, compared to a dedicated bug zapper, it is less effective. The difference could probably be attributed to the smaller size of the bug-zapping element of ZappLight.

Product Availability 

ZappLight is not yet available in the Philippines currently, but I was informed that they have plans of bringing it here. For the meantime, you may order ZappLight from Amazon.

To know more about ZappLight, please visit www.myzapplight.com.

Want to experience ZappLight? I'm giving away a sample to let my readers try it out. Just comment below the reason why you should be the one to receive the ZappLight sample, and include your Facebook ID where I can contact you. I'll announce the winner via The Curious Daddy Facebook page on June 25, 2017 so don't forget to like and follow the page. :) 


  1. Would love to try this :) Our home is surrounded vacant lot (yes, left side, back, right side :p) so its super malamok every single day! - jen dlc :)

  2. I would like to give it a a try, almost everyday may lumilipad sa loob ng bahay namin na mga bugs and insects.. (salagubang,lamok, gamo gamo ,langaw minsan ) =)


  3. I would love to try this because I'm afraid of getting struck by dengue again or any other insects. It has been my fear ever since.

    You may contact me through my page.

  4. Me and my daughter was admited by prospected dengue last year and I don't want it to happen again (nakakaworry). Sabi pa nila "prevention is better than cure" that is why I would love to try that product.


  5. My daughter has hypersensitivity to insect bites so we are using Electric insect killer which I bought from ace hardware. Unfortunately, the bulb burnt out already maybe because of everyday usage. I would love to try out this one and see how long will it last 😊


  6. I have tried a lot of different mosquito killers in the market but nothing really works. I just threw all the money I spent into nothing. I searched on youtube the best mosquito killer and found out that it's zapplight, then I searched it on fb 'til I found this post and read your honest review on zapplight. We as a family, especially my two babies are suffering from mosquito bites and as a mother I'm so desperate to try anything just to shun away mosquitoes. I hope you can help me by letting me to try one. Thanks a lot and God bless.


    1. Hi Nadel. Thanks for checking out my ZappLight review!

      Sad to say, someone was already selected to receive the ZappLight sample.
      Video here:

      Don't worry, in case I receive more ZappLight samples, I'll raffle them out. :)

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